Jim Cregan – Musician (Cockney Rebel and Rod Stewart)

I have known Duncan since we played together in Cockney Rebel, back in the day. We were recently reunited for a 40th anniversary tour and as with old friends, it seemed we never were apart.

Duncan has all the attributes you look for in an exceptional musician. He has feel, soul, imagination and great taste. He can write, produce, perform and improvise with equal skill, bringing so much to the stage or studio.

I feel honoured to have played alongside him and count our time together as most inspiring. He’s the real thing.

Fred Woods – Red Igloo Music

Red Igloo Music is a globally respected brand in the production music industry, and our own two labels, “Strange Fruit Music” and “Cute Music” are acknowledged as being right up there with the best available.

The strength and success of these labels is totally dependent on the product that we offer, and our composers, producers and studios play a major role in ensuring that every album that we release meets the extremely high standards expected by the people who ultimately use our music.

Our clients include major television production companies, advertising agencies, film studios and broadcasters in more than fifty countries.

Over the past few years we have been very fortunate to work with legendary keyboard player Duncan Mackay, and to date he has produced and delivered no less than six albums that have been released on the Strange Fruit Music Library.

All of these were recorded at DM Recordings, a state of the art facility overlooking the ocean on the beautiful Cape Peninsula in South Africa.

We are extremely fortunate to have Duncan on our roster and we look forward to many more exciting collaborations in the years ahead.

James Grace – Classical Guitarist

I’ve been working with Duncan since 2005 and have produced seven solo albums in his studio. For me, as a classical guitarist, the most important aspect of the whole music making process is the sound and refinement of the sound produced. Capturing the real honest voice of the instrument and communicating that to the listener is my primary objective in any studio project.

Certainly in this regard, Duncan and I are on exactly the same page. Duncan’s attention to the finest detail has made me extremely satisfied with the end result of my whole discography. There’s not one moment where I’ve thought ‘that could have sounded better’.

We’ve spent countless hours in the studio together over the years and I’m looking forward to the next album, knowing that Duncan will always go that extra mile to ensure everything is as perfect as it’s ever going to be.

In addition to his absolute dedication and professionalism, Duncan is also a real gentleman and has become a close and more importantly, trusted friend. When I’m in the studio with Duncan at the desk, I know I’m in the best possible hands.

Peter Pearlson – Senior Lecturer at The Academy of Sound Engineering

Working with Duncan Mackay in his studio has been both a joy and a privilege. His world-class musicianship, compositional and arranging skills are second to none and bring a deep understanding and empathy to any project he’s involved in. The studio facility is a warm and open environment and the recorded and mixed material is of a truly international standard.

Kyle Petersen – International Artist, Musical Director, Studio/Stage Producer & Keyboardist

The music industry is one which sometimes brings with it large egos, raging tempers and empty promises. Working with Duncan you will encounter none of those. He is calm, productive and passionate.

As a man who has played the biggest stadiums in the world, worked with the biggest bands in the world and written some of the most famous music in the world, he carries a lifetime of experience into every single project. However, even with such vast experience, he never pushes you into a direction that does not align with your sonic goal. It’s all about the music.

The studio itself is very comfortable and homely. Neat as a pin yet welcoming of creativity. I have spent hundreds of hours recording with Duncan and it never grows tiresome. The rooms sound great, the control room is well balanced for playback and it mixes together the best of old school and new school technology.

Working with Duncan you will soon come to realise that you get so much more than just studio time. You get a mentor, a collaboration with one of the greatest minds in music and sometimes, as in my case, a lifelong friend and colleague.

Kathryn Swain– Singer/Songwriter

Working with Duncan Mackay at DM RECORDING was a wonderful experience for me.  I had written a number of songs but had never been in a recording studio.  Meeting Duncan for the first time was quite intimidating for me as I knew his reputation as a legendary keyboard player with 1970’s mega band 10CC and Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel.  However, I soon found that he is a man who is passionate about music and he was brilliant in bringing out the best in the songs that I had written.  We initially agreed to record three tracks, but our working relationship clicked so well that we ended up recording my first album – Little Box of Memories.

Duncan is a consummate professional and is only satisfied with a track once it has passed his rigorous test to ensure that it sounds its very best.  He sees songs as living things that have their own way of telling you how they want to sound and the results surpassed my expectations.  His knowledge of music and what it takes to make a song come to life is second to none and he is great to work with.  He has an ability to spark and sharpen you personally along the journey.  I can recommend his services without reservation and with complete confidence to anyone who is fortunate enough to work with him